Barts Renovation

During the instalation of the HVAC system several areas of the house had to be opened up to run the high pressure system ducts. One room that had a lot of holes in it was the Barts. With these eye sores it was decided that the next room for renovations would be the Barts. During the demolishing stages it became aparent that the Barts was an addition to the Main house because of the brick that was found along the Living room and hallway walls. To preserve this the window openings were filled in with brick so that barts would have a more natural feeling to it. The room was also insulated and the current median wall was aligned with the Pines median wall for more support for a future 4 man deck. In additon to this all new wiring was installed along with networking wire and cable. The walls were covered in plywood and drywall, painted and moved into within a period of three months.