Alumni Work Week

Well after a busy week it is nice to say that we got a lot accomplished. Thanks to undergraduate brothers and alumni we successfully got the old roof off of the addition including the trusses and got the new shingles on in 8 days. By doing this ourselves we saved an incredible amount of money in order to make it possible this year. During the process the entire upper addition was gutted since they were destroyed during the demolition. Once again The Zeta Theta House Corporation wants to thank everyone who helped especially the alumni who showed up from as far as North Carolina:

Keith Kondratko ’80
Dave Delvecchio ’80
Paul Freund ’83
Dave Soltis ’80
Tom Renn ’80
Phil Reseigh ’80
Dennis Schrader ’76
Kevin Heinl ’77
Rob ‘Flo’ Florian ’82
Dennis Ritz ’83
Ken Kayser ’73
Chris Channell ’08
Jeff Kevwitch ’06
Eric Huffman ’09
Jorge Irby ’08
Paul Cloutier ’92