Addition Bathroom

With most of the interior complete on the house there are three projects left that we hope to have completed buy the 55th anniversary (2018). Those projects are the Cafeteria, Garage, and Addition Bathroom. Quotes have been received for all projects and the decision was made to take on the Addition Bathroom first. The reason for this decision was because there were only 2 showers for the addition and because the urinal has been acting up over the last several terms. With this in mind, plus the downtime over Christmas, it made sense to start with the bathroom. On Sunday December 21, 2014 Cam Germain, Matt Feld, Mike Peterson, Gary O’Brien, and Chris Channell gutted the bathroom. The project will take about a month to complete but when it is finished there will be 3 showers, toilet, urinal, and two sinks opposed to the previous three. This will provide 6 showers throughout the house which comes at a perfect time when the house will be at capacity for both sections after the next pledge classes are initiated.