Garage – 2017
The garage has been on its last leg for a while now, but did not have priority over where the brothers spend the majority of their time. With everything…
Crib Room – 2016
The undergrads came to House Corporation earlier this year with an idea to upgrade the crib room. This is an area many undergrads spent time doing…
Mop Closet – 2016
The mop closet had a mild update in 2008. However during the Addition Bathroom and Cafeteria renovations the Mop closet had to be gutted to gain…
Cafeteria – 2016
Ramping up towards the 55th the Cafeteria renovation plan is complete and work has begun. The Cafeteria renovation will be completed in 3 phases…
Outside Cameras – 2016
As most of you can imagine, the price of insurance continues to go up every year. With the risk at Fraternity houses we pay a premium for insurance and we continuously evaluate…
Addition Bathroom – 2015
With most of the interior complete on the house there are three projects left that we hope to have completed buy the 55th anniversary (2018)…
Addition Drainage – 2014
With the addition siding and cafeteria deck complete it was necessary to address the addition entrances. These are areas of high traffic…
Cafeteria Deck – 2013
With water leaking into the cafeteria any time we had a good rain it was…
Addition Exterior – 2013
Now that the interior of the addition has been fully renovated it was time to…
Main Foyer Renovation – 2011
With the major renovations of the main house completed it was time to close out…
Fire Monitoring Alarm System – 2008-2015
Well for years we have been in the process of installing a fire monitoring system…
Lower Addition Hallway – 2011
With the three lower addition rooms wired and near completion the lower addition hallway was…
BMA – 2010
For the longest time the BMA has been a prefered room in the addition mainly…
3 Way (Old Crib Room) – 2010
With the BRA finished the focus was directed to the 3 way because of a… DETAILS
BRA – 2010
With the upper addition livable it was time to move on to the lower addition…. DETAILS
Upper Addition Hall – 2010
With the upper addition gutted, the hall was the last area to be completed. All… DETAILS
TOS – 2010
Moving right along in the addtion the TOS is well underway. We wanted to get… DETAILS
TEA – 2010
With the siding finally on the addition we were able to start on the TEA…. DETAILS
TMA – 2010
Since the three upper addition rooms had to be gutted with the roof renovation it… DETAILS
Alumni Work Week – 2009
Well after a busy week it is nice to say that we got a lot… DETAILS
Ladies John – 2009
With the OK gutted access was granted to the plumbing of the ladies john so… DETAILS
OK and Sneaky Stairs – 2009
Renovations at the house have been going smoothly over the last few years and the… DETAILS
Country Club – 2009
Even though the country club got a minor face lift with the renovation of… DETAILS
Main House Closet – 2009
Since the new electrical system is in the old one was removed out of the… DETAILS
Nursery – 2008
With the Pines wrapped up the Nursery was the next project on the action plan…. DETAILS
The Pines – 2008
As we move along with renovations in the main house the next project on the… DETAILS
The Foyer – 2008
Since most of the rooms in the main house have been renovated it was time… DETAILS
Cafeteria Roof – 2008
Over the past couple of school terms it had been noticed that the Cafeteria Roof… DETAILS
Penthouse Renovation – 2007
One massive project at the house was the renovation of the formerly known 4 man/2… DETAILS
Volleyball Court Deck – 2007
Over the summer term it was decided that a deck would be a good addition… DETAILS
Library Renovation – 2007
Over the past couple of year the library had started to look run down and… DETAILS
Remodeled Chapter Room with wood paneling and home entertainment system – 2007
The HVAC system install left the chapter room with many holes in the walls. Previous… DETAILS
Exterior Lighting
When we received the $10000 Risk grant in 2005 there were a few things we… DETAILS
Barts Renovation – 2006
During the instalation of the HVAC system several areas of the house had to be… DETAILS
OQ Renovation – 2006
During the renovatin of the Living room it was decided to tackle the OQ at… DETAILS
Living Room Renovation – 2006
With the traffic from the OQ and the weight the rafters had to support it… DETAILS
HVAC System Replacement – 2006
Zeta Theta Chapter has completed the installation of the new heating and air conditioning system…. DETAILS
Main House Roof Replacement and Chimney Cap – 2006
The Main House roof was in dire need of replacement. Many leaks have surfaced through… DETAILS
Tractor Restoration – 2006
The old 1970`s tractor for mowing lawns and plowing the driveway was in need for… DETAILS
Parking Lot Retaining Wall – 2005
For project weekend this term it was decided that the west parking lot wall had… DETAILS
New Kitchen Stove – 2005
During Easter break 2005, House Corp. and A-Section purchased and installed a new stove. … DETAILS
OK John – 2004
During project weekend a minor floor replacement of the OJ John was going to take… DETAILS
New 600 Amp Electrical System – 2004
In the last couple of years as has become obvious how outdated the current electrical… DETAILS
Crib Room – 2004
For a project that has been going on for many years this one sure turned… DETAILS
Basement flooding fixed and new drain tile to be installed – 2003
Over the years when the Flint area has had a huge rain storm the basement… DETAILS
OQ Bathroom – 2002
After years of battling reoccurring water damage in the foyer from leaky pipes in the… DETAILS
Kitchen – 1999
The years of preparing meals and late night snacks for brothers caught up to the… DETAILS
Main House Stairs
Prompted by the removal of worn out carpet, which was creating a tripping hazard, the… DETAILS
Main House Exterior
After over 70 years of wear, many layers of paint and some partial replacement of… DETAILS
Work Weekends
Undergrads set time aside to complete home improvement projects… DETAILS
After years attempting to repair worn out frames on the original wrought iron and wooden… DETAILS
Parking Lot
Instead of allowing the Parking Lot and Circle Drive to deteriorate to the point that… DETAILS