Planning for the Future: Renovation Plans 2017-2018

Linked below is a summary of projects since the 50th anniversary along with an action plan for the next 2 years leading up to the 55th Anniversary. We have accomplished 2 MAJOR projects already and with funding the entire house could be complete by November 2018. All members of the House Corporation donate monthly on top of the voluntary involvement. Please consider setting up a monthly donation so we can complete our goals.

Outstanding House Corporation Awards

2017 Outstanding House Corporation Award

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2014 & 2015 Outstanding House Corporation Award

Each year, the Grand Trustees look for shining examples of house corporation best practices based on the following criteria:

Category Points

Structure & Administration

At least 3 board members 1
At least 2 meetings per year 1
Has written bylaws 2
Current with corporate report 2
House corp & active chapter funds kept separate 1

Chapter House Management

Written rental agreement 2
Security deposit 1
Regular janitorial service 1
Plan for major renovations 2
Fire sprinkler system 2
Professional property manager 2

Communications & Fundraising

At least 2 newsletters per year 2
Maintain chapter alumni database 2
Maintain a website 2
Current fundraising campaign 2

Total Possible Points: 25
Needed for Blue Award : 15-19
Needed for Gold Award : 20-25

Winter 2015 HC Newsletter


With 2014 behind us it’s time to focus on the future. Donations have been slow and not many projects were completed in the 2014 Calendar year. With less than 4 years till the 55th anniversary it’s time to make changes now so we can complete our goals in the future. At the 50th Anniversary I announced 2 major renovations. The project list has grown to 3 now and without alumni help we will not be able to complete them all by the 55th Anniversary. Below is a description of the 3 major projects that are on the agenda.

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New Renovation Plans

We are happy to announce the new renovation plans starting in 2015! Read below for more information on the 3 big projects that will undertaken.

Addition bathroom – $20,000 – COMPLETE
Even though the functionality of the addition john was fair, it was in dire need of an update. Hearing that it was once renovated in the 70’s, and maybe again in the 90’s, we decided that the addition bathroom needed an entire makeover. The urinal wasn’t draining properly, showers had broken shelves, and the old radiator was still on the wall. Given the entire house only had 5 showers, with a capacity of 45 brothers, we decided to increase the shower number to 6. A complete gut of the walls was already in order so what better time to break up the concrete and install new plumbing as well. As of this writing the addition john is well under way, but when this project is complete we will be nearly out of cash for the next two projects. Please consider a monthly donation to make the next two projects possible. Thank You!

Cafeteria – $23,250 – COMPLETE
Over the years the Cafeteria has taken a beating. The wood paneling is outdated, the drop ceiling is gone do to plumbing and wire updates for the addition, and the heating and cooling is inefficient as we use radiator heat and wall AC units. This on top of it being the only area in the house that has not been renovated makes it the next project on our list. The undergrads have lived with the cafeteria in this condition for almost a decade and with the Main house and addition completed its time to finalize the last common area. The plan is to have an outdoor HVAC unit and completely gut the Cafeteria. Wiring will be updated along with insulation and plywood will be installed behind new drywall. The old radiators and wall AC units will be removed and finally a new Terrazzo floor will be poured to match the addition hallway. Funds are currently not available but with your monthly donation and several others we plan to complete this project in 2016.

Garage – $25,080 – COMPLETE
The garage has been on its last leg for a while now, but did not have priority over other projects where the brothers spend the majority of their time. With everything completed on the house itself it was time to renovate the garage. The siding was falling apart and the structure was also rotting away due to the walls sitting directly on the concrete slab. With all the water running down the hill the garage was frequently flooded. This allowed water to penetrate the wood accelerate decay. In addition to this over the past couple of years the undergrads had been renting storage units over work terms since storage in the house is limited. It was decided that we would completely renovate the garage and increase its size at the same time. This allowed us to incorporate storage units right inside the garage so that off-site storage units would no longer be necessary. Fill stone was brought in to elevate the floor and new concrete was poured. At the same time we added a built in trough to control all water flowing down the hill. Thank you to everyone who has continued to donate and allow us to complete this project. It looks great and the undergrads are very excited to start using it.

Estimated fundraising subscriptions needed:

2015 – $4,800 (Qty 8 $50 monthly, Qty 16 $25 monthly)
2016 – $9,600 (Qty 16 $50 monthly, Qty 32 $25 monthly)
2017 – $14,400 (Qty 24 $50 monthly, Qty 48 $25 monthly)
2018 – $24,000 (Qty 40 $50 monthly, Qty 80 $25 monthly)

Help be apart of the new renovations, Donate Now!

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Zeta Theta Top Kettering`s Highlights

Zeta Theta Alumni were well represented in Kettering`s latest issue of the Kettering Perspective.

Zeta Theta Alumni were well represented in Kettering’s latest issue of the Kettering Perspective. Brother Dennis Schrader ’76 came up to make a speech concerning engineering in the United States and how it effects the United State’s ability to be prepared to deal with disasters of historic porportions, to a large group of faculty and students. Brother Schrader served as deputy administrator of the National Preparedness Directorate (NPD) a component of FEMA.

In the very same issue the 45th Anniversary celebration at Zeta Theta is highlighted on page 24. A detailed description of the event and a picture of Dr. Liberty himself playing our beloved “Sweet Heart of Sigma Chi” song.

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