The garage has been on its last leg for a while now, but did not have priority over other projects where the brothers spend the majority of their time. With everything completed on the house itself it was time to renovate the garage. The siding was falling apart and the structure was also rotting away due to the walls sitting directly on the concrete slab. With all the water running down the hill the garage was frequently flooded. This allowed water to penetrate the wood accelerate decay. In addition to this over the past couple of years the undergrads had been renting storage units over work terms since storage in the house is limited. It was decided that we would completely renovate the garage and increase its size at the same time. This allowed us to incorporate storage units right inside the garage so that off-site storage units would no longer be necessary. Fill stone was brought in to elevate the floor and new concrete was poured. At the same time we added a built in trough to control all water flowing down the hill. Thank you to everyone who has continued to donate and allow us to complete this project. It looks great and the undergrads are very excited to start using it.