Phase 1 – 0 Weeks March 28 – April 10 2016
1. The plan is to tap off the boiler system just how the other handlers are and put the air handler under the Caf stairs. This will keep the unit inside and accessible. An A/C unit will go outside right next to the other ones outside the bar.
2. Ducts will be pretty well concealed since there is a drop in the ceiling on the kitchen side to keep it level with the table section of the caf. A main trunk will go through the wall directly across from the closet under the stairs and this will run along the dead space along the ceiling on the dumpster side of the caf. This trunk will have smaller ducts come off of it feeding the table area and also the addition hallway. For the area on the kitchen side there will also be a trunk that will not limit head space any more than the rafters right now. The truck will feed the kitchen and area outside the kitchen.
3. Lighting – For the level ceiling area there will be LED can lighting and also normal cans so black lights can be one a separate switch. The angled ceiling will stay as is.

Phase 2 – B Section after Initiation – June 1-20, 2016
1. Gut the Cafeteria – All wood paneling/foam and possibly insulation to be torn out and hauled to the dumpster. This will probably need to happen in phases itself because of the limited space in the dumpster.
2. I need to get the itemized quote for the insulation to see if we can upgrade the addition wall. Spray in would be best for sound deadening, but it depends on price.
3. Radiator tear out – With the summer months we will not need the radiators anymore and we can tear them out to prep. I will need to be on site to shut off system correctly.

Phase 3 – 0 Weeks June 20 – July 10, 2016
1. With the HVAC system complete during Phase 1 construction can begin on the electrical, insulation, ceiling, walls, and flooring, in that order. We will be continuing the plywood behind drywall in the caf. The A/C units will be removed and drywall will be on the ceiling as well. I am pretty confident that we should not need access to anything in the ceiling since new electrical, fire alarm wire, and the heating pipes have not given use problems over the years. This in addition to knowing a drop ceiling will simply not hold up.
2. Flooring will be replaced the same Terrazzo style that is in the addition bathroom and will continue into the addition hall.
3. The dumpster side addition doors (upper and lower) will be replaced to reduce the drafts in the addition.
4. For the back wall against the fridge room this wall will be built out (rather than on 3/4″ slats) and have full electrical. It will also cover the opening in the fridge room with a sliding barn type door so the full width of the opening will stay the same should we ever need to remove the fridges again.